About me:

,I started drawing through the city of Eagle, Parks and Recreation art classes. From there, I read books on any art subject that interests me, from different mediums, to different subjects. I also took online classes through various avenues, and I still absorb as much information on art as I am able to. I enjoy seeing how my art style has evolved over the years, and I get excited seeing something unfold before my eyes.

I believe that everyone has artistic abilities, and artistic strengths. I also believe you may be talented at something, but if nothing is created, then your talent is wasted. If you feel you have little ability, I promise that if you put pencil, pen, brush, etc., on paper, you will improve your ability. The more you create, the better you become.

I enjoy Graphite, Pen and Ink, and Watercolor. I am currently branching out to Oil Painting and Colored Pencils. I have also studied and enjoy photography, glass fusion, pottery and ceramics, and even cooking.

I am seeking commission art work, and I will be listing original art for sale on my website. Please feel free to contact me to ask about pieces that interest you.